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Sports cars has always been a subject of interest to many people of various ages and sex too. There will always be debates on which is the best car, which is the fastest, which is the most expensive and so forth and to make this the most user friendly and active site I'll ask you as the reader to share your opinions.

Personally, am a motor vehicle enthusiast,anything that has wheels and an engine is my passion. I've adored cars well before i could even drive one. I take great pride and joy in cars but mostly super cars such as Porsche and Ferrari.

Nothing beats the feeling of cruising at break neck speeds with the wind blowing though your hair and your heart pounding like you were in a roller coaster.

ferrari sports cars

For those who are learners(don't worry you'll not get a big L on your car to show that you are a beginner) and terminology is usually a bit like rocket science such terms as brake horsepower,torque and so forth, i shall break it down for you that it will be easy as ABC.

If you are thinking of buying a fast and cool ride or a used one I'll give you the information hustle free so that you can make a well informed decision when purchasing one.

mercedes sports cars

For those who have their own performance rides and want to show them off then this is the place to do it.

If you got any motoring questions just post them up on the blog and for sure you will get answers. Therefore, here are the various topics that i will be writing about in this website...

*A brief history of performance vehicles

*My top 10 best sports cars

*Get to know the most expensive performance cars

*Cars for the rich and famous

*A list of the various models

*Tips on auto insurance

*Worlds fastest production cars

*You'll get to know the hottest makes such as Bugatti and Pagani Zonda

*Get to know all about F1,world rally championships and so forth

There is plenty more on all that there is on sports cars so buckle up and enjoy the ride.