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Are you interested in exotic sports cars? Do you like, actually,do you LOVE fast and cool rides like Bugatti, Porsche, Ferrari and the like? Well, look no further you are in the right place for specifications and photos of your favorite performance vehicles.

Performance autos are fast, cool and sleek. They have big engines ranging from 3-6litres producing between 300-1000bhp; they are mostly 2-door,2-seater or4-seater and most of them are usually more expensive than the average sedan.
mclaren cars

My first memories of driving a fast and cool ride was a mclaren-SLR. Oh my! wasn't that an experienceor what! Adrenalin-pumping, goose-pimpling, spine-tingling, pupil-widening, hair-raising were just some of the experiences that made me truly fall in love with exotic sports cars.

I still remember the smell of the walnutdashboard and the impeccable smell of the leather seats. It was a feeling of "je ne sais quoi".

Companies that have built a reputable name by producing exotic sports cars are Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, bugatti, Bentley, Aston martin, BMW, Maserati, Mercedes, Pagani and Mclaren.

Its certainly difficult to pick the best in the world since there are many makes out there which are good and each of us is unique and therefore have different tastes but these are my top 3 most exotic sports cars

1) Porsche

Porsche...There's no substitute ! It's true,that is the only coupe for me,on the planet. These are German built and are of high luxury. They are status symbol coupes driven by actors and high rollers.

The first Porsche was built by Ferry Porsche who was the son of Ferdinand Porsche. The earliest model being the 356.

Ferdinand Porsche was the automotive designer during the Hitler era designing VW beetle which if you look closely you'llsee that both the Porsche and Beetle have similar design for headlamps and rear engine. In fact Porsche owns part of Volkswagen.

Their most famous model is the 911. Apart from also making two-door coupes they also have an SUV called the Porsche cayenne.

porsche exotic sports cars

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2) Aston martin

So you want to be like James Bond, an MI5 secret agent who can charm the ladies and still fight bad guys? Then make sure you own an Aston martin. They go hand in hand with James Bond movies.I don't think I've ever seen any Bond movie that didn't have an Aston.

The famous Aston martin is the DB5 which is used in the James bond films such as tomorrow never dies and Casino royale.

Aston martin have been one of the earliest performance vehicles to have graced the racing circuits. They are of British engineering dating back to 1913 and ever since the company has been producing models that are top of the range in their market.

Examples of models of Aston martin are:

Aston martin db9

Aston martin vantage

Aston martin vanquish for more on aston martin cars click here 3) Ferrari

There is nothing as exquisite and breathtaking as Ferrari. These Italian autos embody speed, agility, beauty and soul.

These cars come in their standard color of red giving them their fiery look. However, one is allowed to customize,not just the color but also technical features.How cool is that! That's if you got some serious cash.

The logo for the Ferrari is a prancing horse.

Their first ever built Ferrari under its name was the Ferrari 125 S and the most iconic has been the Ferrari 250 GTO which was built in 1960 having 3.0 liter and V12 engine.

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ferrari  exotic sports cars

Another one of my other favorites are

Bugatti cars

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